About Me


I am an introvert that hates the spotlight and likes to overthink stuff..

Why do I blog:

Since I can remember my goal in life was to make the world a better place…At first I wonder how on earth I am going to do this…because to make the world a better place…there is a big possibility that may be in the spotlight while doing it…so I decided to figure out a way to do this without being noticed…and that is why I started blogging…

By sharing my thoughts, guidelines, stories and questions, I get information out in the open…and maybe somebody can learn something or can become a better person. By changing a few people into better persons…I am making the world a better place…Small steps…baby steps…one step at a time…

What can you expect on my blog?

The sky is the limit…toddlers go through the “Why-phase”. Everything you say or do the response from the toddler is more or less the same – “WHY?”

I guess this phase stick with me…because till this day that is my favorite question.  I just realize that people doesn’t like that question that much…so I figure the answer out without asking Why? If I understand why, then it is easier to decide if I agree or not…

And in the process of answering one question…usually ten other questions pop ups…so it is a never ending story…But it makes life interesting.

Guidelines for this blog

  • There are no limits to the subjects…
  • Think outside the box…
  • There is no right or wrong…
  • All opinions are welcome…whether it is positive or negative…
  • Don’t hesitate to answer my question with a question…here it is acceptable, because me and you have something in common…and I like that.

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